Operating Instructions At A Glance

The IVEA (like "idea" with a "V") was designed by nurses to improve mobility, safety, efficiency and storability! It replaces the IV pole bedside and provides stable equipment management during ambulation. The IVEA holds IVs, infusion pumps, chest tubes, catheter, drainage devices, O2, PCAs—anything that attaches to an IV pole and more. The IVEA keeps equipment organized, eliminates set-up time for ambulation, and makes it so much easier to get your patients up and moving.

To Open

• Lay the unit on the floor
• Gently press down on one leg and then the other
• Guide the unit as it opens automatically to a LOCKED position

To Use Bedside

• Position one leg of the IVEA under the bed and angle unit toward the patient
• Engage at least one caster lock
• Load equipment (see Instructional Video)
• Wrap cords around cord hooks and plug into power strip
• Secure tubing in tubing clips
• Raise the IV pole if desired (but always lower to ambulate)

To Ambulate

• Unplug the power strip and wrap cord
• Lower the IV pole. Make sure the IV hooks are at least 3 inches below the patients chin
• Position the IVEA facing the patient
• Set caster locks
• Open handles and adjust handle height to suit patient
• Help patient to standing, release caster locks and go!

To Store

• Unload and wipe down
• Depress foot pedal at center of base
• Collapse unit
• Tote to store

What Not To Do

• DO NOT stand on or ride the IVEA
• DO NOT ambulate a patient with the IV pole raised
• DO NOT stand the IVEA on its end and push the legs away to open. Lay the unit on the floor to open.

Instructional Video

For more instruction watch this quick video, and don’t miss the fun stuff at the end!


The IVEA. Smart Mobility.

The IVEA offers a simple, intuitive solution to improve outcomes, lower costs and boost patient satisfaction.