Reduced Fall Risk

Patient falls are the most frequently reported adverse event among adults in the inpatient setting.[1] The IVEA addresses the core challenges of safe patient mobility, i.e., equipment and staffing.

Improving Safety Without Sacrificing Mobility

Hospital patients who fall can experience slower recovery, permanent loss of function and even death. The Joint Commission reports that the average cost of a patient fall with injury is $14,000. Given that CMS has designated falls as a non-reimbursable hospital-acquired condition, hospitals are working harder than ever to reduce fall events.

However, plans and protocols alone won’t solve the problem. The IVEA is ambulation equipment specifically designed to improve patient safety and reduce the risk of falls by keeping the patient’s equipment neatly organized on one stable platform.

Equipment is consolidated and trip hazards are eliminated, so the caregiver can focus on the patient rather than the equipment. And the IVEA is ergonomically designed to promote proper posture and gait for greater stability and balance.

Reduced Fall Risk

per 1,000 patient admissions*

It was much easier and felt much safer walking and holding onto the IVEA. Being able to use two hands comfortably felt much more secure, and there was no risk of stepping on the equipment. I would definitely recommend this product.

- Patient

[1] Quigley, P.A., White, S.P., “Hospital-Based Fall Program Measurement and Improvement in High Reliability Organizations,” The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, (May, 2013)

The IVEA. Smart Mobility.

The IVEA offers a simple, intuitive solution to improve outcomes, lower costs and boost patient satisfaction.