Improved Caregiver Efficiency

Caregivers are busy. In fact, one two-year study found that nurses completed an average of 72.3 tasks per hour and just 37 percent of their time was spent with patients.* The IVEA is a tool designed to help clinicians provide efficient, high-quality care and they can feel good about.

Familiar Challenges Call for Innovative Solutions

While technological advances have streamlined many caregiver tasks, traditional mobility equipment has limited, if not hindered, efficiency. Patient ambulation has remained particularly challenging. According to researchers looking at the relationship between staffing levels and patient falls, “ambulation of patients three times per day (or as ordered) was the most frequently reported element of missed nursing care with 76 percent of nurses reporting this action being frequently or always missed.”[1]

Every caregiver wants what’s best for the patient. But too often there simply isn’t enough time or staff available to get patients up and walking using traditional equipment. The IVEA improves efficiency by making it possible for just one caregiver to safely ambulate a patient, so more patients can ambulate more often. This not only makes patients happier, it can also improve caregiver satisfaction by alleviating stress and mitigating burnout.

Improved Staff Efficiency

hours of caregiver time

The patient loved this piece of equipment… It doesn’t require an additional staff member to ambulate patients with O2 and IV meds, so that’s a huge benefit.

- RN

* Westbrook, J.I., Duffield, C., Li, L., Creswick, N.J., “How Much Time Do Nurses Have for Patients?” BMC Health Services Research, (Nov. 2011)
[1] Kalisch, B.J., Tschannen, D., Lee, K.H., “Missed Nursing Care and Patient Falls,” Journal of Nursing Care Quality, Vol. 27 (Jan-Mar 2012)

The IVEA. Smart Mobility.

The IVEA offers a simple, intuitive solution to improve outcomes, lower costs and boost patient satisfaction.