Smart Mobility Delivers Significant ROI

Our literature reviews and ROI calculators draw on data from multiple sources to illustrate the benefits of the IVEA and potential savings in several key clinical areas.

(Totals represent estimated savings for an average 250-bed hospital.)

Reduced Fall Risk

Patient falls are the most frequently reported adverse event among adults in the inpatient setting. (footnote Quigley) The IVEA addresses the core challenges of safe patient mobility, i.e., equipment and staffing.


Reduced Length of Stay

Studies have shown that increased ambulation can reduce patients’ length of stay by up to two and a half days. (footnote Mundy) By consolidating patient equipment bedside and during ambulation, the IVEA makes it easier to ambulate more patients more often, to help speed recovery.


Reducing Hospital-Acquired Conditions

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates that the additional, non-reimbursable cost of hospital-acquired conditions can range from $1,000 for a urinary tract infection to $17,000 for treating pressure ulcers. The IVEA can help limit these dangerous and costly complications by improving ambulation and speeding recovery.


Improved Staff Efficiency

Caregivers are busy. In fact, one two-year study found that nurses completed an average of 72.3 tasks per hour and just 37 percent of their time was spent with patients. The IVEA helps clinicians provide efficient, high-quality care they can feel good about.


Reduced Caregiver Injury

Caregivers have some of the highest injury rates of any profession. Injuries are often physically debilitating and even career ending, and associated costs can be steep. The IVEA is mobility equipment designed to help keep caregivers safe.


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2. Mundy, L.M., Leet, T.L., Darst, K., Schnitzler, M.A., Dunagan, W.C., “Early Mobilization of Patients Hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia,” Chest Journal, (Sept. 2003)

The IVEA. Smart Mobility.

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