Ambulation Audit

Know Where You Stand When it Comes to Patient Ambulation

It’s common knowledge that early and frequent ambulation is key to patient recovery.

So, when it comes to understanding how often your patients walk during their stay, you need more than a hunch.

That’s why we’ve developed a simple Ambulation Audit that will tell you whether your patients ambulate as often as they should and if not, what might be causing the shortfall.

The Facts Might Surprise You

We’ve had countless conversations with clinicians who believe that staff are ambulating patients to orders, but, on closer inspection, discover that ambulation is only a fraction of what it should be or, in some cases, absent altogether.

Data confirms the problem. One prominent study found that ambulation of patients three times per day (or as ordered) is the most frequently reported element of missed nursing care with 76 percent of nurses reporting this action being frequently or always missed.

Another determined that older hospitalized patients in particular spend 95 percent of their time in bed.

Getting a handle on your actual ambulation rates is the first step to making improvement in this critical area.

Ambulation Analysis in Four Easy Steps

Our custom Ambulation Audit is an easy way to get an accurate assessment of ambulation on your unit. Simply input basic data, and our form does the calculations for you.

If you have any questions, we’re just a phone call or email away. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process to help ensure the accuracy of your results.

Don’t Wait

Register for your Ambulation Audit Tool here and get the information you need to assess patient ambulation in your department. We’ll send the form directly to your inbox.

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